Things to Consider when Choosing among Shutterstock Plans


Shutterstock offers the creative community with the chance to work with high quality images at simple pricing. It features Shutterstock plans that caters to everyone’s needs and budget. Finding images that improves your website and convey your message is difficult. But, choosing among image plans is even more so. You have to consider a lot of things to make sure you are not wasting your money and you are meeting your creative needs.

  • Creative Needs. How many images do you need? You need to determine the number of images you need to jump-start or complete your creative project. This will help you decide which Shutterstock plans to purchase. For instance, you only need 3 to 5 images for the mean time. Your best option to get the best value for your money is purchasing an image pack of 5 images at $49. If you require more images on a constant basis, you should consider getting a yearly plan at 350 or 750 images.

What license should you get? The second things you should consider, which also falls under creative needs, is the image license. Most images in subscriptions plans include a Standard license. This means you can use the image in any project for as long as you like. However, it is not suitable for a larger audience, bigger print runs, merchandise for sale and others. The latter requires an enhanced license that allows 500,000 or more print runs, use for TV, video or film, and use for merchandise for sale.

Are you working alone or with a team? Do you have a creative agency or production company? You should also consider these things as they determine whether you should get a team plan or an enterprise plan. These Shutterstock plans are suitable for collaborative creative needs. Their prices varies according to number of members who will be using the account.

  • Budget. Budget plays a very important role in choosing among Shutterstock plans. Your creative needs simply would not do if you do not have the financial resources to fulfill them. For instance, you need 700 images, but you are only able to and willing to spend $200. The best solution for you is to get a yearly plan of $199 per month, which includes 750 images. It allows you to meet your creative needs without overspending.

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When choosing a Shutterstock image plan, you need to consider your creative needs and budget. These two will help you come up with the best solution for your creative projects. With the stock photo website, you can enjoy incredible stock at flexible pricing brought by Shutterstock plans. What are you waiting for? Search its collection of over 80 million stock images, create and share lightboxes, and choose the plan that suits your needs and budget.

Why Should You Make 99 Club Your Dollar Photo Club Alternative?

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The Dollar Photo Club is one of the stock photo websites closest to the hearts of many creative professionals. Now that it is closing, its high quality images and simple pricing will surely be missed in the stock photo industry. It can be very challenging to find a Dollar Photo Club alternative that offers the same kind of product and experience. Fortunately, there is one stock site worthy of your time and money – 99 Club.

99 Club is created by Stock Photo Secrets, a veteran in the stock photo world. It is not related to the Dollar Photo Club or Fotolia, so you do not have to worry about it closing any time. Its creator Stock Photo Secrets has been in business for over 10 years and has no plans of shutting down its websites. Surely, you will be spending more time with the stock image site to complete your creative projects at a very affordable price.

The 99 Club collection is constantly growing. At the present, it has over 4 million high quality stock images, vectors and fonts in its library and 60,000 to 80,000 more are added every month. In no time, you will have a lot of premium assets to choose from. It offers double the amount of Dollar Photo Club downloads for the same price. In a word, the stock site gives you more for your money than having to go through the hassles of moving to Adobe Stock.

99club-by-spsAnother reason that makes 99 Club a good Dollar Photo Club alternative is simple pricing. You can access the entire collection and download 200 images for a $99 annual membership – with no additional fees. If you need more stock images, you can also purchase additional photos for $0.99 each. The stock site offers exclusive, straightforward prices so you do not have to worry about anything down the road, except downloading.

The 99 Club has a clean website interface. It is easy to use and search friendly. It also provides clear terms and conditions. All images are royalty-free and include the necessary releases, so you can use them in any project. They also have no expiration, so you can use them forever. Furthermore, the stock website has no auto-renew feature. You can keep your membership for as you like. If you wish to renew your subscription, you can purchase a new membership or contact the team to schedule a renewal date.

There are many reasons why you should consider 99 Club as your Dollar Photo Club alternative, but the main reason is its similarities to DPC. It offers two times more stock images for the same price. It also offers the same experience. If the Dollar Photo Club has impressed you for years, you will be too with Stock Photo Secrets’ 99 Club.

Considering Framing in Choosing Dollar Photo Club Photos

dollar-photo-club-homeFrames are an important element of photography. They draw attention to your favorite stock images. Coming in all shapes and sizes, they block other parts of the image with something in the scene. They do not necessarily need to go around the edges of your Dollar Photo Club photos (check this video here). They may be present in only one or two edges. When considering framing, make sure that they add to your image.

Why should you give framing a thought? Framing provides various benefits, such as:

  • Giving context to Dollar Photo Club photos. Framing a scene can tell you about the place. For instance, if your framing include some foliage, it means you are out with nature. On the other hand, the appearance of the archway will tell you about architecture.
  • Leading your viewers to your main focal point. Depending on the shape of the frames, they can draw your viewers’ attention to one focal point. Moreover, they can keep their attention to the single point for a longer time as well because they provide a barrier between the outside of the image and the subject.
  • Intriguing your viewers. Sometimes, the attention of viewers goes to what they can see. However, there are times when they will be much drawn to what is hidden from their sight. Clever framing intrigues viewers. Choosing Dollar Photo Club photos with the right framing leaves your viewers wondering. This can be a quite effective technique to keep them in your page.
  • Giving photos a sense of depth. Frames add layers, which adds depth to your stock images. They put something in the foreground, adding extra dimension to the image.

Framing can make a great difference to your creative projects. They help you emphasize what you want and need to be focused. For instance, a nicely blurred frame adds a sense of depth and mood to your Dollar Photo Club photos.

About Dollar Photo Club


With over 25 million royalty-free images, Dollar Photo Club certainly has multiple choices of images in various frames. The stock photo agency offers all images for $1; thus the name. Curated by the world’s #1 stock photo marketplace, Fotolia, it is dedicated exclusively for creative professionals. Over 100,000 images are added to its collection every day, giving you a wider range of choices.

A membership with Dollar Photo Club offers you unlimited downloads with credits that do not expire. All of which have high-resolution and professional quality. If you are already a member, you will greatly benefit from a Dollar Photo Club coupon, which you can get from If not, the website is currently closed for new members so you are encouraged to join Adobe Stock instead.

Improving the Photo-editing Process with Adobe Stock Photos

adobe stockAre you using any Creative cloud application to edit your stock photos? If your answer is yes, you will greatly benefit from using Adobe Stock as your primary image source. Adobe Stock acquired Fotolia, another big player in the stock photo industry, to expand its multi-billion dollar sharing economy with the creative community. It aims to provide photographers due compensation and users with licensed images.

Your dream of integrating a stock photo site to your photo-editing application or software is finally here! Thanks to Adobe Stock, you can save more time and effort from downloading your images to your computer before launching them to a CC desktop software. Simply add the watermarked or licensed Adobe Stock images to your library, allowing you to work on your creative project across multiple devices.

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Adobe Stock photos are also easier to purchase. As a neat feature, you can download watermarked images to your libraries and launch them to your CC software to check if they suit your creative projects. When you are ready to buy the images, you can directly license them within the desktop software. The stock photo agency also works as a standalone website, meaning you can directly download stock photos from there as well.

Currently, Adobe Stock offers over 40 million royalty-free images that you can modify with your preferred Creative Cloud desktop software. It is available in 36 countries and 13 languages, making working with stock photos easier than it has ever been. The stock agency also provides flexible plans and pricing, so you can find a subscription that works best for you. Whether you are running a print, mobile or web project, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality creative content.

How does Adobe Stock improve the photo-editing process? Adobe Stock allows you to download, use and license stock images without leaving your CC desktop application. You start working with a watermarked version to see if its suits your creative needs. Upon licensing the image, the low-resolution, watermarked version will be automatically replaced with the full-resolution version – saving you a lot of time from rework.

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You may have found a stock photo agency that suits your needs and budget but if you are a Creative Cloud user, we recommend Adobe Stock to you. You will not only enjoy 40 percent discounts from all your subscriptions, you will also get to enjoy exciting times off or on work. With Adobe Stock photos integrated with your favorite Creative Cloud application, imagine the creative things you can do.

Take your creative journey to a whole new level with Adobe Stock photos and your Creative Cloud software now!